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Scaling = Profit above higher ROAS

Each marketing solution needs to start with a clear goal in mind (avoiding goal dispersion).

The Jan 2020 campaign reached 522,000 potential customers focusing on a video experience. The company designed a series of videos solving sale objections before inviting the prospects to register for more information on how to achieve their desired goal (and emotional state).

This well-orchestrated launch allowed the company to scale while collecting valuable user information.

Tailoring the Message
to Your Audience

This May 2020 campaign required a bespoke solution to the global shift the world was experiencing.

While staying true to the company’s values and keeping the core of what worked in previous campaigns, the brand adapted all the copy and the videos and created an upgraded no-brainer offer.

The first launch during the pandemic kept up with the results of previous campaigns, even during moments of emotional turbulence among the population.

A more than 500% decrease on the Cost Per Lead

Avatrade (a Trading platform) was not getting enough leads, and the CPL and CPA was skyrocketing. CPA after acquisition was up to $1000. They needed more leads, and a dramatic decrease on the CPA and CPL. In the beggining the CPL was $200, and it end up being less than $32. 

After all the campaign optimizations, Avatrade could go from 66 leads in August 2021, to getting consistently more than 550 every month.

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